• Elena

She's back.

I write most things for myself. and do most things for myself. not in a selfish "not considering others" way, but in a way that stems from me realizing I'm my only judge and competition.

Remember all those instagram stories I used to share? they were long ramblings from me, mostly 'cause I felt lonely and lived up in my head, and sharing felt therapeutic. and then you all started sending me message after message - about how you feel the same way, or how you're scared to admit certain things I talk about, or how I'm such a badass and inspire you, and on and on. and it was another recognition in my story that living completely authentically is what will have the greatest impact on the world around me as well as my own life.

Anyways, this blog isn't for random internet strangers or music industry people trying to assess my brand or my family trying to see if I'm still alive...

it's just me writing my mind. in longer formats for all you lost hoes like me who wanna follow along with this weird life I live.